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Unlike most sinks, the uppermost part of an undermount kitchen sink is placed under the table surface. An undermount kitchen sink is more suitable when combined with countertops made of granite, marble or other solid materials. Granite material is generally more expensive than ceramic. So, first consider whether you have sufficient budget to buy a suitable granite for an undermount kitchen sink. The advantage of an undermount kitchen sink lies in its minimalist and attractive design as well as the ease of cleaning. If you want to get all of these advantages, an undermount kitchen sink is worth buying.

Kitchen sink taps are used for washing various kitchen utensils and dirty dishes as well as for washing food ingredients before being processed into cooking. There are many types of kitchen sink taps. In terms of materials, people generally assume that stainless steel is much better than plastic in dealing with leaks. In fact, the factor that determines the leak is not the material but rather the design of the kitchen sink taps connection. Make sure the connection has been perfectly designed, completed with rubber covers and other details that will prevent leakage during use. Many do not know that each kitchen sink tap has a different shower pattern and strength. There are those that flow fast with concentrated strength at one point, some flow slowly without excessive force. Each shower model from these kitchen sink taps is certainly for different needs.


Judging from their size, there are two types of kitchen sinks that you can find.

1. Small kitchen sink

A small kitchen sink is the simplest design which only consists of one tub that is used to wash dishes. The size of the tub is quite varied and can be adjusted to the size of your kitchen, but generally a small kitchen sink has a depth of 25 cm. If you want, you can add a washing basket as supplementary accessories in the tub to make it more convenience when you wash cooking utensils and cutleries. One of the advantages of a small kitchen sink is that it is easy to clean.

2. Double kitchen sink

In a double kitchen sink design, there are two tubs of different sizes. Tubs that are bigger and deeper are used for washing kitchen utensils, while tubs that are smaller and not too deep are usually used for preparing dishes, for example for washing vegetables and fruit. The difference in the functions of these double kitchen sink designs can facilitate you to multitask. Keep in mind that more space will be needed if you choose to install a double kitchen sink with its two tubs.

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