DECO Australia joins the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

01 Mar 2023 by DECO Australia

As a leading surface finisher in Australia, DECO Australia is proud to announce our Associate Membership with the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI).

The ASI is a global non-profit standards setting and certification organisation, working with businesses involved in aluminium production to create a more sustainable aluminium industry. ASI assists companies in the aluminium value chain, including aluminium mining, fabrication and production, as well as businesses using aluminium packaging, in maximising the contribution of aluminium to the circular economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the aluminium industry.

Our range of timber-look aluminium products aim to revolutionise construction, replacing timber as a viable alternative to cladding, decking and battens, as well as reducing logging and VOC release from timber stains and paints, and providing a non-combustible material suitable for compliant and energy efficient buildings.

DECO also provides protective coatings for industrial machined aluminium components, increasing longevity and reducing the need to manufacture new parts from virgin material.

“DECO Australia is an innovative manufacturer of quality aluminium building products and protective finishes. At DECO we are continuously striving to better our business, and we seek actively to surround ourselves with partners that we can collaborate with to meet our collective sustainable development goals,” said DECO Australia’s General Manager, Richard Hamber.

“Becoming an ASI member is an exciting opportunity as we continue to develop and pursue best practices for a more sustainable future for all.”

With an ongoing commitment to sustainability, DECO is currently working towards a business-wide ISO 14001 environmental accreditation and has also implemented a range of energy-saving systems including over 300 solar panels, a water recycling program and infrared technology for its powder coating process.

Learn more about the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.

Talk to one of our expert team to find out more about our ASI membership and our other sustainability initatives.

DECO Australia joins the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

DECO Australia
DECO Australia
DECO Australia leads the Australian market in photo imaging (sublimation) finishing technology for aluminium in the architectural, design and building industries.DecoWood is our premium textured woodgrain powder coating finish suitable for a wide range of aluminium products including cladding, battens, decking, windows and doors, fences and gates. It creates a Super durable, low-maintenance timber alternative, resolving common issues associated with real timber.DecoArt reproduces custom and decorative images on low-maintenance, highly durable powder coated aluminium, and is commonly used for signage (DecoSign), kitchen splashbacks (DecoSplash) and other decorative architectural features. Other finishes include the rust and marble-look and newly launched concrete finish DecoCrete.DECO also offers a range of expertly-designed architectural building products, all featuring our exclusive DecoWood or DecoArt finishes. These include: DecoClad, DecoBatten, DecoSlat, DecoDeck and DecoPanel.DECO is proudly an Australian owned and operated family business. 


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