12 Oct 2021 by DECO Australia

DecoPost – the low maintenance alternative to timber posts by DECO Australia

Leading aluminium building products manufacturer DECO Australia has just unveiled its new timber-look aluminium post– DecoPost™. Made from solid aluminium and featuring DECO’s iconic timber-look DecoWood® finish, DecoPost™ is a solution to Australia’s current timber shortage and a long-lasting alternative to timber products.

Available in two post sizes – 100 x 100mm and 150 x 150mm with a 3mm wall thickness, DecoPost™ is a flexible and durable post for use in a variety of applications where timber posts are typically used, including pergolas, fencing, porticos, alfrescos and other landscaping options. With a variety of set lengths available, builders, homeowners and carpenters can build their outdoor structures quicky, easily and with minimal hassle.

DecoWood®, the marine grade timber-look finish by DECO Australia, creates a realistic timber appearance that is Super Durable and will not , peel or rub off over time. And best of all, it is extremely low maintenance and never needs, sanding, oiling, painting or staining.

DecoPost – the low maintenance alternative to timber posts by DECO Australia

DecoPost™ is available in four popular DecoWood® colours, which replicate popular native timber species. A primer coat finish is also available for contemporary designs or adding your own wet paint finish, and is stocked and ready for delivery on order. To help choose your finish, colour swatches are available to order from the DECO website.

DECO Australia Architectural Business Manager Simon Pearson said DecoPost™ will be a handy addition to a large variety of DIY and building projects.

“DecoPost™ has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for home builders, carpenters, installers and DIY-ers,” he said. “Where timber may be difficult to come by, DecoPost™ offers that natural timber appearance with the durability of 3mm thick solid aluminium. Building projects such as fences, gates, porticos and more can be completed quickly and last significantly longer – and the best part is, DecoPost™ is stocked and ready to go now.”

DecoPost™ is designed and manufactured in Australia.

For more information on DecoPost™, visit www.deco.net.au or call 02 9603 1888.

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