10 Nov 2021 by DECO Australia

DecoSplash Unveils Bold New Designer Splashback Collections

Fun colourful patterns, on-trend stone and tile designs, and captivating landscapes that will transport you to your favourite destination are just some of the bold new design collections from DecoSplash, Australia’s innovative aluminium splashback.

Ten new splashback collections have been carefully curated to offer homeowners and designers an array of styles and design options. From the simple sophistication and elegance of natural stone and delicate watercolours through to a range of daring and eccentric statement pieces, DecoSplash’s latest collections offers the chance to create a stand-out kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

DecoSplash Unveils Bold New Designer Splashback Collections

And for those who have a truly personalised design vision, DecoSplash’s unique splashback sublimation technology allows for a completely customised splashback option, turning any high resolution image or photograph into a one-of-a-kind splashback masterpiece.

“Our latest DecoSplash design collections really push the boundaries, offering an eclectic mix of classic, bespoke and contemporary design options for 2022. There is something in there for every person and style.” said Meika Doonan, DecoSplash Product Manager.

“Our innovative technology also means that we have been able to replicate looks and styles of some of the most popular splashback products on the market, like marble and tiles, without the associated hefty price tags, all whilst providing the durability and ease that is associated with aluminium splashbacks.”

Also new to the range is DecoSplash’s ‘Chrome Effect’, an exclusive finish that can be applied to selected splashback designs to create a moody, metallic vibe – the perfect “fingerprint-less” alternative to mirrored splashbacks.

DecoSplash Unveils Bold New Designer Splashback Collections

Not just limited to kitchens, DecoSplash is the perfect option for Bathroom and Laundries with a dedicated collection to these spaces, and is also ideal for outdoor kitchens, wall linings and any other area that requires a durable lining with a creative or custom design.

Made from a 2mm solid aluminium flat sheet and coated in a super durable and low maintenance powder coat finish, DecoSplash is the only aluminium splashback of its type available in Australia. It is safe to use behind both gas and electric cooktops, and is lightweight and easy to install, requiring only double-sided tape and silicon to secure the splashback directly to the wall surface – making it the perfect splashback for DIY renovations or cabinet makers who do not have time to wait for glass or tile installations.

DecoSplash® is available in large 3600 x 1500 mm sheets and can be cut to size to suit any space. Designs can also be set across multiple panels with absolute precision and seamless joins.

Find out more and discover the new DecoSplash design collections at decosplash.com.au

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