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Types of Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is exactly what it sounds like—lighting that draws attention to the room and adds beauty or distinction. Not only that, but decorative lighting works all year round. Choose from the wide selection of decorative lighting available in Archify.

Pendant Lights

A pendant light hangs from the ceiling and directs its light downward, usually over a table or kitchen island. A pendant can add style to a room and provides either task or ambient lighting. 

Ceiling Light Fixtures

These fixtures are mounted directly on the ceiling with a shade or glass that covers the light bulb. Ceiling light fixtures have been used in homes for almost 100 years. These fixtures often provide all the ambient light in a room.


These create a minimalistic and sleek finish in a room. This type of recessed lighting is particularly popular for modern interiors because the entire unit is placed in a ceiling aperture. This makes downlights a great choice for many interior designs.


This type of product has a wide range of uses for interior lighting. The structure can be made from different materials such as metal, steel or plaster. Unlike diffused lighting, spotlight lighting allows for direct illumination, highlighting particular items or enhancing an area. This is a modern, practical and flexible design solution.

Wall Sconces

Surface mounted to the wall, these sconces can either direct light upwards, downwards, or both. Their covers, or shades, can be added to any room to add style. Wall sconces can be used for task or ambient lighting.

Archify is a architecture and design platform for product sourcing and  specification . We are proud to have a large selection decorative lighting from trusted lighting suppliers, brands and manufacturers.


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