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Outdoor & Exterior Lighting

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Outdoor and Exterior Lighting

Outdoor and exterior lights are one of the first things that people might notice on a home, a building or even at parks. Make sure you use them to make a good first impression.

Outdoor lighting offers many benefits, from increased safety and security to greater aesthetic appeal. There are many outdoor lighting fixtures that can be used to accomplish the lighting goals you have in mind.

Archify has a wide range of outdoor and exterior lighting to choose from: 

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are a type of light that illuminates walkways and streets for safety. These lighting fixtures are generally round or square, and can be two to four feet in height. Bollard lights shine horizontally or downward to provide proper lighting for walkways.

Security Lights

Security lights can be a valuable safety feature for a property. They illuminate dark pathways and entranceways. Outdoor security lights can be used in both commercial and domestic buildings. They are sensor-activated, meaning that the light will turn on when there is motion. LED security lights require less energy to operate as they do not continuously emit light. 

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are triggered when movement is detected. You can install them indoors or outdoors, or on exterior walls, ceilings and doors of homes and buildings. The light turns off when no further motion is detected.

Garden Lights

Garden lights are a great way to illuminate your yard and enhance your garden’s features at night. They can be equipped with motion sensors and programs to notify you when there is movement in your garden. Most garden lamps can also be customised by adding colour.

Street Lights

Street lights, also called street lamps, are used to illuminate streets, parking lots and sidewalks. 

Outdoor Paving Lights

Outdoor paving lights work to create a unique, functional outdoor space. These are a great solution for driveways or pathways that require some light, improving safety and aesthetics.

Archify is an architecture & design platform for product sourcing & specification We are proud to have a large selection of outdoor and exterior lighting products from trusted lighting suppliers, brands and manufacturers.

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