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Four Types of Bathroom Basin to Elevate Your Home Bathroom Design

There are many types of bathroom basin to choose and it might get confusing when you are looking for the right option for your own bathroom. Each type of bathroom basin has its own character and is more suitable for a certain type of bathroom design. With at least four types of bathroom basin, let’s take a look at each of the characters and how it could fit your bathroom.

1. Pedestal Basin

This type of bathroom basin usually comes with a unified body from the floor to the basin part. Usually attached to the wall, pedestal basin hides all the pipe work inside its leg. Pedestal basin is especially suitable for larger sized bathroom as its sleek and aesthetic feature can be better appreciated from a distance. This type of basin is also easier to maintain thanks to its unibody with minimal crevices.

2. Countertop Basin

Countertop Basin is one of the most common setups for a bathroom basin. This type of basin is usually installed on a bathroom countertop and sits directly above the counter. Countertop basin is quite common as it is easy to install and fit various types of bathroom design, be it a luxury bathroom, or a compact one. By sitting above the countertop, the spare rooms below or inside the counter can be used to store bathroom amenities and accessories.

3. Undermount Basin

Undermount basin is the reversed type from countertop basin. Instead of being installed above the countertop, undermount basin is set below and inside the cutout of countertop basin. This type of basin is usually found in many public spaces’ toilet and hotel’s bathroom. It is easy to clean as undermount basin leaves the countertop to be clean with only a cutout of the basin. This type of basin also allows more space on the countertop to put personal care items.

4. Wall-hung basin

For a compact or small bathroom design, wall-hung basin is the ideal choice as most of the options take minimal space on the bathroom wall. As its name suggest, wall-hung basin is installed directly on the wall and usually leave an ample free space below. This gives the bathroom a more spacious look as the basin does not have any footprints and allow the space to be used to put storage boxes or bins.