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Mesh acoustic ceilings for open plan environments

24 Oct 2019 by Asona

Polyfon Mesh™ provides the opportunity for a ceiling to incorporate pattern and texture without overwhelming the interior. Polyfon Mesh™ is a game changer in the refurbishment of existing grid and tile ceilings by providing a creative mask to the plenum which remains open to air circulation & back lighting options and is ideal for deconstructed corporate interiors, retail complexes, showrooms and large volume office spaces. An excellent example of this is the newly refurbished Biz Dojo Ponsonby offices. Perched on the top floor of the Cider Building with sweeping views of the city through to the Waitakeres, Biz Dojo houses a community of collaboratively minded people growing great ideas and businesses. This large open collective space required an acoustic solution that could span different pitched ceiling heights, gave easy access to the plenum and could delineate different areas & zones whilst keeping the original grid to save on costs. Polyfon Mesh™ in a diamond perforation pattern in both in white and in black was used extensively over the office and communal gathering areas following the pitched roof line and pulling the whole area together as a cohesive whole. A matching Sonaris™ diamond perforation pattern in 3mm compressed black polyester overlaid onto a Triton Duo 60™ with a black facing was used in the meeting rooms to control rain attenuation noise and sound reverberation in this area. The end result is a striking example of a bold and functional way to update a tired ceiling design and bring it into the 21st century. News Overview Previous Article Next Article

New Zealand
A specialist New Zealand manufacturer, distributor and installer of acoustical and specialty decorative ceiling and wall finishes serving the commercial interior and education construction markets.We have a passion for innovation and believe in bringing new materials and products to market that are attractive, acoustically efficient, low in embodied energy, can be renovated and recycled locally, are fire safe, durable, and that offer our customers design, life cycle cost and service advantages.Asona owns the manufacturing rights for Sonatex™ the innovative composite acoustical facer used on our Triton range of soft fibre ceiling absorbers. Sonatex provides a durable flat white finish, can also be digitally printed, die cut, formed into custom products and is an effective impact resistant tackable interlayer for our fabric covered panel products.To ensure accurate acoustical performance data is available we have invested in extensive full scale sound absorption and attenuation testing at the Auckland University test chambers. Test reports are available on request.We operate our own factory in Auckland to manufacture composite ‘soft’ fibre sound absorber panels, hard attenuator panels, vinyl laminated hygiene panels, and fabric wrapped panels. We offer our customers short lead times, the flexibility to tailor products to meet decorative, performance and budget objectives and a renovation and repair service to extend product life and reduce land fill waste.


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