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【Free Webinar Invite】- Rockfon Acoustic Webinar 2020

19 Oct 2020 by Rockfon

Rockfon is organizing 2 Webinars in OCT and NOV 2020. We would like to invite you to join our upcoming FREE Webinar.

To save your seat, please register the attached link below, and feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues. 

We hope to see you there!  

【Free Webinar Invite】- Rockfon Acoustic Webinar 2020

In this webinar, you’ ll learn :  

- How to implement acoustic solutions without compromising aesthetics
- How to transform noisy places into healthy, happy spaces where people can create, focus, rest, heal and thrive 

【Free Webinar Invite】- Rockfon Acoustic Webinar 2020

In this webinar, you’ ll learn : 

- What the standards, guidelines and building rating systems require for good acoustics in  healthcare facilities  
- How to determine the specific acoustic goals of different types of healthcare facilities  
- How to adjust the key components of absorption, barriers and background sound to create speech intelligibility, speech
  privacy or a comfortable sleeping/working depending on project 

Register Here !

Topic : How COVID-19 affects architectural acoustics for interior and design  

Registration for Webinar on 22 Oct 2020.  
Click here: https://webstreamlive.com/rockfon/sg/22102020/ 

Topic: Optimizing Acoustics in Healthcare

Registration for Webinar on 03 Nov 2020.
Click here: https://webstreamlive.com/rockfon/sg/03112020/    

Rockfon is a part of the ROCKWOOL Group and we specialise in providing customers with a complete ceiling system offer, combining acoustic stone wool ceiling panels with Chicago Metallic suspension grid systems and various accessories.When we set out to create the most effective acoustic solutions on Earth we started with people. It inspired our beautiful range of colours and styles. It expanded our vision to go beyond acoustics and design products that improve visual comfort, reflect daylight, resists moisture and repel bacteria. And it drives continual innovation to transform human wellbeing.


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