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Audio Visual Systems

An audio-visual (AV) system synchronises the production or emission of sound through speakers with the presentation of content on screens, like video walls. Movies, radios and televisions are the most typical AV system types.

Here are some of the audiovisual products and equipment that you can explore at Archify:

A projector is an optical device that projects an image onto a surface, most frequently a projection screen. 

A billboard is a sizable outdoor advertising structure that is commonly seen in high-traffic areas, such as next to major roads. Large ads are shown on billboards for drivers and pedestrians passing by. Typically, businesses utilise billboards to promote new items or to strengthen their brands.

A signal's voltage, current or power can be increased using an electronic device called an amplifier. Amplifiers are a common component of broadcasting and wireless technology and all types of audio equipment.

AV Control Room (AVCR) or AV Control Centres
The hub of all AV operations is the AV control room (AVCR). By utilising a cutting-edge AV control room, you can manage all facets of the building's AV and IT systems in a setting that will boost performance, effectively monitor security and give open lines of communication. Systems control, video recording, asset management, remote room monitoring, distribution of digital signage, voice amplification, microphones, multimedia presentations and other tasks can all be handled by the AV Control Room.

HDMI Matrix Switchers
A HDMI matrix switcher enables the centralised distribution and management of numerous HDMI AV streams, both digital and analog, from a single place. A command and control centre, a multimedia meeting space, a radio station and a television station all use HDMI matrix switchers. Additionally, these gadgets are ideal for business, government and military sectors where high-speed dissemination of high-resolution video signals and signal management are essential.

In-Wall Speakers
Compared to conventional big-box in-room speakers, in-wall speakers are a more covert option. They can produce excellent outcomes for both high-quality music listening and home movie set ups.

Electronic Scoreboards
A huge electronic board used to show the result of a game in public is known as an electronic scoreboard. The scoreboard is used to maintain scores, track time and display statistics.

Cinema Screens
A cinema screen, also known as a projection screen, is an installation made up of a surface and a support structure used to show an audience a projected image. Projection screens can be permanently mounted, like in a movie theatre, painted on the wall, or portable with a tripod or floor-raising devices, such as in a conference room. Inflatable screens for outdoor movie viewing are another common variety of portable screens.

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