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10 incredible bathtubs that will make you want to redesign your bathroom


Whether or not you are remodeling your bathroom, you are going to want to have a look at these ten incredibly unique and luxurious bathtub designs. 

semi-transparent bathtub

With a modern semi-transparent design, this bathtub will fit in seamlessly with any bathroom décor and appliances. 

Japanese wooden soaking tub

After a day spent traversing the ski slopes of Hakuba or simply a tiresome day at work, your aching body will thank you for choosing this Japanese wooden soaking tub to relax in. Copper fixtures and rustic inspired finishes compliment this wooden tub perfectly.

copper bathtub

This beautiful copper bathtub is the perfect centerpiece for a bathroom of any style. Pair it with modern fixtures and finishes or recreate a farmhouse style bathroom. You decide!

custom concrete bathtub

Can't find the perfect freestanding tub for your bathroom? Why not commission a custom bathtub to perfectly fit your space. This design features a beautiful detail which could double as a seat or stairs for the little ones. The choice of concrete is a bold statement and conveniently slip resistant.

Black bathtub

How about a touch of black magic? Elevated on a stone slab, this magical black bathtub sits center stage against its wooden backdrop.

Pink bathtub

Why not add a touch of colour to your morning routine? This fabulously pink bathtub is perfectly paired with modern fixtures and finishes making it a sleek space for a bath or a party!

Vintage bathtub

Perhaps you believe the 20s were the golden age and desire your bath to be a vessel for time travel. Laying back in this claw foot tub staring at the golden fixtures beyond and delicate crystal chandelier above, its easy to imagine you are living in a golden age. 

ergonomic bathtub

I'm not sure which view is more commanding, the nature view or the bathtub. If you enjoy modern innovation and would like to be perfectly cocooned in your bathtub then this is for you! 

Classic bathtub

You can never go wrong with a classic white bathtub. This deep tub is perfectly nestled on a bed of pebbles and surrounded by lush plants and organic wood. You would be forgiven for cancelling plans to relax in this tranquil setting. 

Recessed bathtub

If Symmetry is important to you, perhaps you will find this recessed bath and shower combination satisfying. The delicate small floor tiles make the surface sparkle like a school of fish just below the surface.

Breanne Iredell
Breanne Iredell is the Content Developer for Archify. She coordinates the content creation and publishing on Archify and Archify Now as well as the development of online CPD presentations and education materials. Breanne holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Western Australia.
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