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MA…and the Seeds of Life

Archtraveler Studio
Hong Kong

MA…and the Seeds of Life was created to pay homage to the successive generations of talented women in Chef Tina Barrat's family, and to Mother Nature who protects, provides for and beautifies life.

To highlight and celebrate the mother nature, the 1,800-square-foot restaurant was built into a chic oasis of grey stone and natural wood, with predominately matte tones interspersing with shiny surfaces and opaque glasses. To create an ambience and pleasure of food bringing joy to each vegan plate to the customers, a muted palette of textured beige marble wall was built at the entrance, then progresses into different zones inside the restaurant along a designated path, leading up through a portal to the bar area, where a brushedtexture copper bar juxtaposing with raw Elm wood and terrazzo stone, as well as natural wood furniture were used to recall the elements of nature and enhance vibrancy. The choice of natural materials, colour tones and decorations also help create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere for visitors to unconsciously indulge in the quintessential sensory experience, while enjoying the delicacy and appreciating the nature.

Restaurant interior design

Restaurant interior

Lighting design

Large wooden table

Bar design

Bar Interior design


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