Mount Nebo Kitchen and Outdoor Living

27 Dec 2022 by Austaron Surfaces

Designed by Kim Duffin, Sublime Group

Application: Staron Solid Surface – Benchtop | Acrylic Couture – Doors, drawer fronts and panel

Fabricated: Solid Surface Innovations

Staron Design Awards 2015 – Residential Category

Surrounded by a subtropical ancient rainforest, this intriguing home was designed to blend with the landscape. The kitchen needed to reflect the style and mood of what was created externally while capturing the view of the bush and valley below. The owners wanted a space that would be central to family life and entertaining, so the design had to be innovative and sophisticated.

Mount Nebo Kitchen and Outdoor Living

Staron Solid Surface was used vertically and horizontally on the island benchtops, cabinet doors, drawer fronts and the outdoor bar table. Staron in Sleek Silver was chosen for all vertical surfaces to meet the clients’ brief of an achromatic colour palette. Acrylic Couture, clad to the island front connects the metal elements within the overall design showcasing interlaced and woven metallic fabric which is embedded in acrylic.

Origami-inspired pendants in pewter were used as a feature to draw the eye up, highlighting the detail on the timber ceilings. LED strip lights were used on the edge of the island as mood lighting, illuminating the Acrylic Couture panelling and creating the illusion that the material inside is dancing. Windows were positioned on the splashback wall and in the pantry to frame the view keeping the clients connected to the stunning flora and fauna exhibited outside.

Mount Nebo Kitchen and Outdoor Living

The rosewood sliding doors complement the other natural elements in this space, providing warmth and an even greater connection to nature. The adjacent Staron benchtop was designed and manufactured to finish at the same height as the external table. This kitchen design is where modern technology meets the beauty of nature, with raw materials moulded to create contemporary, clean lines that still exude depth and warmth.

Staron Solid Surface Selection:

Sanded Dover (SD413)

Mount Nebo Kitchen and Outdoor Living

Metallic Sleeksilverˆ

Mount Nebo Kitchen and Outdoor Living

See Full Staron Colour Selection

Acrylic Couture Selection:

Cancello, Silver

Mount Nebo Kitchen and Outdoor Living

See Full Acrylic Couture Colour Selection

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Austaron Surfaces
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