08 Apr 2021 by Boon Edam

Pink Revolving Door Delivers Green Savings for Marriot Bonvoy Group

The new customised pink door – installed in their hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark – is the same type that is used globally and is widely available Down Under to assist hotels, hospitality venues and other buildings reduce the strain on HVAC systems. It is available in other colours to match branding, architecture and building design considerations.

By keeping conditioned air in, a revolving door saves on HVAC costs all year long, and simultaneously keeps out dust, debris, smoke and pollution, enhancing health and sustainability benefits. It also provides a touchless, hygienic entry solution for businesses adapting to Covid restrictions and concerns.

The Tourniket door frees up valuable lobby space by preventing draughts of air in front of the lobby’s main entrance, allowing more space for comfortable seating and stylish décor. 

Pink Revolving Door Delivers Green Savings for Marriot Bonvoy Group

The Moxy hotel chain aims to attract local people and create a comfortable environment where people can work, learn or organise a business or private meeting, so a comfortable lobby was a key design consideration.

To find out more about how revolving doors save money and energy, allow more lobby space, provide a hygienic touchless solution and keep pollution out, I encourage you to reach out to me, and read more in the following article: The Energy Saving Benefits Of Revolving Doors

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