"At Gentec we understand the true meaning of green"

That’s why we’re committed to using the latest technology to provide custom-made products and fit-for-purpose solutions to suit any specification, alongside our standard range of products.

We’re looking at the bigger picture and offering high-performance products you can trust, not just for today, but for the entire life of the product. With an eye to the future, Gentec is committed to the continuous development of better, more efficient products. Our premium quality plumbing and building associated products are distributed globally from a central hub, strategically located to accommodate a geographically diverse market that includes:  Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, South America

 We pride ourselves on rapid responses to regulatory changes and shifting conditions across diverse industries.
 In our commercial facility, clients get a first-hand look at our products as they will appear in a commercial installation.
 Custom set-up in our showroom means our clients can view products directly and gauge their functionality and style in situ.
 It’s a space we make available to our clients to aid in product selection with the help of our highly qualified and experienced staff.
• We pride ourselves on a standard of quality that goes above and beyond the status quo. At Gentec, we go the extra mile, taking our products from functional to first-class.

We have recently been awarded with the ISO9001:2015 certification. This accreditation helps improve the service for customers, as continual improvement ensures that our business becomes more efficient and maintains a high standard of service delivery.

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