About Planet Acoustics & Architecture

Our Reputation is in our Team
20 years contracting
15 years in Building product sales,
5 years as a Registered Builder and a member of the MBA
We have gathered a team of very talented people
Including but not limited to the following;
❖ 2 Architects
❖ 2 Quantity surveyors
❖ 1 Engineer
❖ 2 Interior designers
❖ 1 Graphic designer
❖ Senior Paint Technologist 35 years’ experience in paintmatching
Other complementary staff:
➢ Dedicated Factory team 10
➢ An experienced team of materials handlers 6
➢ Superior customer service group 4
➢ Highly skilled Specifications & Technical people 3
Our Perth WA facilities:
Building products division warehouse 4000m2
Manufacturing Division Factory 5000m2
Warehouse & Showroom 1000m2

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