Why Quick-Step Laminate is Different

02 Sep 2022 by Premium Floors

Design, durability and more!

All types of timber flooring have their merits, but it has to be said that you really cannot beat laminate when it comes to versatility. In fact, it ticks all the boxes in terms of design, durability, and more! It may not win everyone over in terms of bringing that natural woody warmth and authenticity to a room, but for ease of maintenance it wins hands down when compared to any other type of timber flooring.

Quick-Step laminate has a sealed surface and an anti-static treatment so dirt and dust can’t attach, which means it’s an absolute cinch to clean and great for helping with allergies as bacteria can’t build. The hygiene benefits also make laminate an inviting floor to really “live on”– perfect for bedrooms (especially kids spaces) and living rooms.

Unlike real wood flooring, laminate has a high UV resistance which blocks the harmful rays of the sun and protects the design from fading, so you won’t move your sofa in a year’s time and find a darker shade underneath! Quick-Step laminate flooring also comes with a splash warranty, which means it can deal with spillages and splashes better than any other laminate floor (another big tick!). And if you love an immaculate floor then you will love Quick-Step laminate – it’s up to 10 times more scratch-resistant and it’s impact-resistant too (all down to the top-quality HDF core and super strong top layer) so you can keep your stilettos firmly on your feet and not have to worry about dints and dents.

Quick-Step Laminate

Premium Floors
Premium Floors
Premium Floors are market leaders in wholesale distribution of Timber, Laminate, Vinyl, Cork and Bamboo Flooring. Present in every mainland State of Australia with the largest stocked range of flooring and a rich 35 year history of well supported, quality products in Australia. Premium Floors offer market leading brands such as Quick-Step. Quick-step Timber, Laminate and Vinyl flooring comes with an advanced Uniclic® multifit click system – A world first and an obvious major advantage in the flooring market. Premium Floors continue to develop their range and drive innovation into the Australian Hard Flooring Market.


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