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The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type

Choosing the right ceiling lights can transform your space. With so many different ceiling lights to choose from, here’s some inspiration so you can make the choice that’s right for your home. In this guide for ceiling lights, we’ll go through:

1. Vaulted Ceilings
2. Shed/Angled Ceilings
3. Coffered Ceilings
4. High Ceilings
5. Low Ceilings
6. Regular Ceilings

1. Lighting vaulted ceilings

If you are lighting a vaulted ceiling, you have a number of choices. First and foremost, it’s important to decide whether you want your lighting to stand out, or if you want the ceiling itself to be the feature - this may be the case especially if you have any exposed beams.

Adjustable and recessed downlights will be the most discrete option, while track lighting is also a good option if you’d like to aim your lighting. Alternatively, if you’d like something to fill the void of a vaulted or cathedral ceiling, opt for a stylish pendant that will become the feature of the space.

The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type

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2. Lighting shed/angled ceilings

If you have an angled ceiling, it’s best to opt for adjustable downlights if you’re heading down the minimal path. Alternatively, if your ceilings are high enough you may like to look at installing a pendant.

The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type

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3. Lighting coffered ceilings

Although less common, coffered ceilings add so much character to homes. When lighting them, it’s important not to overdo it. To make a coffered ceiling shine, you may choose some inverted strip lighting to illuminate every square/rectangle of the ceiling. The other common and most popular choice is to install downlights.
The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type

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4. Lighting high ceilings

If you’re blessed with beautiful high ceilings, you can make some great lighting choices. Pendants are very common given most can be adjusted, allowing you to hang them at the perfect length for your space. It’s probably a good idea to install some downlights, too. You can work with a lighting consultant to create the perfect balance between design and functionality for your space.

The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type

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5. Lighting low ceilings

If you have low ceilings, don’t panic - you can still make some really great lighting choices that will create interest in your space. Ceiling lights are great here, and they transform your space into something far beyond any simple downlight can. The other option for low ceilings is to opt for track lighting. This is particularly useful in places where you’d like to have directional lighting onto walls, features or pieces of art.

The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type

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6. Lighting regular ceilings

There’s lots of different types of ceilings, but we can’t forget the ones that we’d just call regular! Turn your regular ceilings into spectacular ones by mixing different lighting fixtures to create interest and take your space to another level. Pendants, track lighting, ceiling lights, downlights and more are all great options.

The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type

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Still need some help?

If you need advice on which lighting solutions can complement your home, get in touch with the About Space team. We can guide you through picking the perfect ceiling lights to transform your space. You can also shop our full range here.

Image Sources: About Space, HW Interiors

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