01 Nov 2021 by Boon Edam

Boon Edam's Sustainability & Energy Benefit Calculator Provides End Users with Tangible ROI for Revolving Door Usage

Revolving doors have a range of sustainability benefits that help contribute to improving the LEED, WELL, NABERS and Green Star score of buildings.

To provide the market with more concrete data than has been previously available, Boon Edam Australia is introducing its new Revolving Door Sustainability & Cost Benefit Calculator

The report will demonstrate the sustainability benefits both in terms of energy saving and cost saving, when specifying a revolving door in place of a sliding door with the same width.

To try the form, click the link below, and spend approximately five minutes answering questions about your project and your entry needs. As your trusted partner in entry management, once we receive your completed form, we will provide you with a comprehensive report within one business day.

The form can also be used to request a LEED report for your chosen revolving door that will show the product’s recyclability and adherence to global VOC standards.

Revolving Door Sustainability & Cost Benefit Calculator

As the global market leader in revolving doors, Boon Edam delivers fully accredited products, tailored to your specific project needs and backed by market-leading after-sales service and support. 

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