The Berkley Hotel

04 Nov 2020 by Boon Edam

Business Challenges

The hotel entrance required a renovation which would give guests an instant welcome upon arrival, whilst also providing a practical function to meet access needs. For a hotel as prestigious as The Berkeley, first impressions are hugely important. The entrance and welcome given by a hotel provides the guest with an indication of what to expect from their stay, so therefore the entry solution was a key consideration within the renovation project.

With a constant flow of visitors in and out of the lobby, the entrance door is vital in maintaining a comfortable climate and pleasant atmosphere for guests. As sliding or swinging doors bring in cold draughts, the specification called for a revolving door to keep out wind, noise and dust. The project architect specified that the door was to be fully automatic and made entirely of glass to match the newly renovated lobby. However, for a door to be fully automatic, there must be several sensors and buffers which would have impacted the all-glass aesthetic of the entrance. Boon Edam was appointed to provide a tailored solution which could meet all the specific functional requirements, without needing to compromise on the luxurious style and quality desired.

The Boon Edam Solution

A Custom Designed Crystal Tourniket

Due to the high-end nature of The Berkeley Hotel, attention to detail was paramount. Multiple meetings were held with the architect to ensure that Boon Edam’s team of experts could fully capture all requirements to provide the perfect, bespoke solution. Boon Edam’s Crystal Tourniket door was selected for the entrance of The Berkley Hotel; one of the most impressive and eye-catching revolving doors available. A Crystal Tourniket is constructed almost entirely from glass, with added stainless steel accents to support the solidity of the door.

The End Result


The Berkeley Hotel is now home to a grand lobby entrance provided by Boon Edam, which utilises natural wood in the drum wall of the Crystal Tourniket revolving door to provide guests with a warm and elegant welcome. In combination with the all-glass door set and modern lighting, the bespoke solution truly reflects the prestigious Berkley Hotel brand.

Boon Edam
Boon Edam
Welcome to Royal Boon Edam, a company committed to classically elegant form, intelligently engineered functionality, and unwavering focus on outstanding service and innovation.Our Australasian operation is fully committed to our corporate values of steadfast excellence, fit-for-purpose technology and value in revolving doors and entrance security technologies, making us “Your Entry Experts”. For this reason, our name is respected by Fortune 500 companies and key government instrumentalities in 26 countries on all continents. Our areas of particular focus and expertise include: - Public, private and commercial buildings and facilities- Corporate HQs- Data Centres, including world top 10 companies- Retail- Health Care- Diplomatic, treasury, legislative and Federal and State facilities (including military installations)- Logistic centres, transport and tourism terminals and centres Boon Edam’s Australasian operation combines strong local knowledge with experienced and dedicated service and after sales support. Supporting this is the global Boon Edam family, based in the Netherlands, which provides seamless access to the strength and experience of its global network of wholly-owned subsidiaries and some of the world’s largest architectural, construction and facility management projects. We also understand that Australasia is a unique market and that our solutions must be tailored to local requirements.Our range of revolving doors, security doors and portals, speed gates, tripod turnstiles, access gates and full-height turnstiles ensure a blend of aesthetic functionality, reliability and cost-efficient high security for your entry and perimeter requirements.We encourage you to contact one of our expert staff for an obligation-free consultation, to find out how we can best tailor our solutions to meet your exact requirements.


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