28 Oct 2021 by Boon Edam

Winds of change blow strong for smart Architectural Revolving Doors

As urban densities increase and taller buildings become the norm, wind tunnel effects become stronger, especially where buildings are close together, creating wind canyons.

Australasian facility and building managers are becoming increasingly aware of the safety, sustainability and Duty of Care risk management of wind-prone buildings, and revisiting a 100-year old solution, with modern benefits – the revolving door.

The latest generations of Boon Edam architectural revolving doors help to counter the wind tunnel effects on the front entrance of a building, creating an inclusive entrance for the one-in-six Australians with disability, including age frailty, and vulnerability to strong gusts.

In addition to protecting against windy gusts, revolving doors are “always open, always closed”, which provides benefits such as:

• Keeping out smoke, dust, debris, and pollution

• Reducing the strain on HVAC systems (less cool air escapes in summer, and vice versa in winter)

• Better climatic conditions in lobbies and entrances, meaning better space utilisation is possible

• Providing a hygienic, touchless entrance solution

Boon Edam Revolving Doors

Boon Edam also offers a CPD presentation on revolving doors and sustainability, worth 1 Formal CPD point Australia-wide, and we are happy to present virtually to meet Covid-safe requirements.

For more information please contact Boon Edam's National Business Development Manager, Darren Assey on 0426 703 326.

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