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Planika Net Zero Fireplaces has developed a long history in fireplace technology. Now with the only indoor fireplace product on the market producing zero emissions and requiring no flue or ventilation we have become the market leader in Home, Multi-Residential and Commercial developments. Our Outdoor Gas Fire range is not only standard or customisable it has technology such as smart home & remote control making it a preferred choice for Architects & Designers searching for a European manufactured fireplace technology solution for their client.

With an established project advisory team we are here to assist you in any design enquiry including any length, any shape even any colour.

At the beginning, our flagship product was an ethanol fireplace. Now we offer two approaches to achieve the same natural fire. If you choose ethanol or gas, we already have it for you. Each of our solutions is based on automatic features, unique design and the most natural golden flames. Our mission is to provide innovative and revolutionary technologies necessary to ensure great comfort of use and maximum safety. Explore our offer and choose your perfect fireplace.

Planika is the leader in developing and designing the long line of real fire, even there where you wouldn’t imagine. With the application of the most modern technologies, we can provide natural flames everywhere, without exceptions.

We perceive fire as an element of interior design. Our products are widely recognized by the most acknowledged architects and designers throughout the world. To satisfy all of your design needs we offer the most extensive customization options in the fireplace industry, starting from custom length, through favorite color and decorative accessories, to custom-made finish options and shapes. The possibilities are limitless. Save your time as we make customization easy. Send us your project and our group of experts from the Project Department will help design your fireplace in every detail. Customer needs and satisfaction are more important than anything else. Read more about our customised biofuel fireplaces.

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