01 Aug 2022 by WÖHR Parking Systems Australia

Noronha 28 is a residential building developed to the highest standards. Overlooking the River Tagus, the building is located in a quiet and welcoming spot. Located close to the Príncipe Real gardens and Lisbon's historic aqueduct, it is the perfect retreat to relax in the midst of the lively Príncipe Real neighbourhood in the city of Lisbon.

With our partner Ascensores do Oeste, two Parklifts 405D were installed. The parking systems double the number of parking spaces in the same space. 4 conventional parking spaces became 8 parking spaces.

In this model, the access to the lower level is at a 14 percent slope. The slope significantly reduces the installation height compared to the Parklift 450 model. Thanks to a maximum platform load of 2,600 kg, the systems also lift heavy SUVs without any problems.


WÖHR Parking Systems Australia
For over 20 years, WÖHR parking systems have been installed in Australia via their distributor network, however in September 2016 it was decided that a wholly own subsidiary - Wohr Parking Systems Australia – was to be founded. Based in our new head office in Dandenong South and by utilising the most experienced people in the industry, WPSA quickly established themselves as a reliable and trustworthy partner to carry out the installation of large automatic system installations with tier 1 builders, bespoke residential systems and everything in between to a very high standard.


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