Building on a solid Foundation with SOPREMA

15 Sep 2022 by SOPREMA

It’s not uncommon for waterproofing to take a backseat when developing plans and specifications for a building. While the more visible elements of a building tend to receive the most attention, it’s often the unseen components that can have the greatest impact on building performance and durability.

Foundations ensure building loads are supported and distributed. It is therefore critical to protect them from water infiltration to avoid cracking and other damage that would have subsequent repercussions on the building. In addition, water infiltration and subsequent water leakage creates moisture and the appearance of mould, which can easily spread in underground spaces such as basements and parking areas. Waterproofing membranes must therefore be applied to the outside rather than the inside of the building foundation, keeping water away from the structure.

Choosing the right waterproofing system.

Pre-applied systems.

Ideal for high-density or coastal areas where nearby buildings limit the access and excavation of a new project, or have a high water table.

Building on a solid Foundation with SOPREMA

Post-applied systems.

Used where foundation walls can be accessed after the concrete is poured. A fast application with proven durability, this system comes with a drainage protection layer, termination bar and compatible sealant.

Building on a solid Foundation with SOPREMA

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SOPREMA is a family-owned multinational company specialised in the production of innovative products for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing and building vegetated solutions.Thanks to its more than 100 years of specialisation, SOPREMA is able to offer original, high performance and high technology solutions to respond to specific challenges within the construction industry for the building envelope, underground, civil engineering, hydraulics works and swimming pool.SOPREMA has 81 full time production plants with subsidiaries and distributors covering 90 countries spanning 5 continents.In Australia and New Zealand, its has been supplying waterproofing solutions adapted to the local climate conditions  for over 35 years.SOPREMA ANZ offices are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, with distribution centres located across the region.


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